The Megaboard non-combustible structural building panel delivers exceptional performance and compelling value for steel frame, wood frame and modular construction.

Megaboard is an inorganic cementitious panel reinforced with a unique six-layer fibreglass mesh for superb results on the metrics which matter – strength, weight, durability, workability, dimensional stability, fire resistance, sound insulation, and more.


Non-combustible; superb structural strength; water, mold & insect resistant; sound insulating. Learn More


Manufactured to precision tolerances; does not delaminate, bow, warp or expand from heat or water. Learn More


Single trade installation with standard tools; durable and lightweight; can remove need for a gypsum pour. Learn More


Megaboard can be used for subfloor and wall sheathing applications in place of plywood, OSB, gypsum sheathing and lightweight concrete pour.


Megaboard is a leading-edge solution for the architects, designers and contractors working to transform our built environment through steel frame, wood frame and modular construction.

Premium performance without the premium price

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