Megaboard Subfloor is a high-performance structural building panel which delivers exceptional performance and value for both steel and wood frame construction.

On steel frame, Megaboard is used in place of a traditional metal deck and gypcrete pour, creating dramatic reductions in construction time, weight and cost.

On wood frame, Megaboard can be used in place of a plywood or OSB deck with gypcrete pour. As well as creating significant reductions in construction weight and cost, Megaboard’s durability and water resistance will contribute significantly to a streamlined building schedule.




Non-combustible per IAPMO listings (ASTM E136 – Non-Combustible) for use in fire-rated floor/ceiling assemblies. IBC & IRC approved, with more than 30 UL/ULC listed assemblies up to 2 hours.


Structural Performance

Exceptional span strength for use across a 24” span, along with exceptional diaphragm strength for lateral building rigidity.


Quick & Simple to Install

Can be single trade fitted and remove the need for a gypsum underlayment.


Water, Mold & Insect Resistant

Inorganic cementitious materials will not grow mold (per ASTM G 21 0/0), and ensure zero nutritional value for complete resistance to termites and all wood-boring insects.


Sound Insulating

A unique formulation which can help building designers and contractors achieve critical sound ratings, with the ability to reach 55+ STC/IIC rated floor/ceiling assemblies.


Dimensionally Accurate & Stable

Manufactured to class-leading tolerances for on- and off-site precision. Resistance to water means panels remains structural while wet, and will not delaminate, warp, expand or bow.

Ectek Megaboard Panel

Ectek Megaboard Panel

Ectek Megaboard Panel


Megaboard’s unique formulation – a high density and quality of cementitious material around a six-layer fiberglass reinforcement mesh – has been developed over more than a decade and tested at labs throughout the US and Canada for class-leading results in everything from fire resistance and sound insulation to shear, deflection and shear diaphragm strength.

  • ¾” structural building panel.
  • Factory sealed with tongue & groove end.
  • Worked with regular wood working tools (cuts with a standard carbide tip).
  • Mechanically fastened directly to steel (screwed) or wood (nailed) framing joists.
  • Durable, lightweight, silica and toxin free for easy on-site handling.
  • Covered with ceramic tile (with tile backer), hardwood, vinyl or carpet for finished floor.
  • Building Code Approvals:
    • IAPMO certified and listed, non-combustible for use in all type of non-combustible constructions.
    • More than 35 UL/ULC fire-rated assemblies available at 1 hr, 1.5 hrs and 2 hrs
    • State of California Approval (Cal-Fire)
    • 2021, 2018, and 2015 International Building Code® (IBC)
    • 2021, 2018, and 2015 International Residential Code® (IRC)
    • 2019 California Building Code® (CBC) and 2019 California Residential Code® (CRC) – Supplement attached
    • 2020 Florida Building Code® (FBC), Building and Florida Building Code® (FBC) Residential – Supplement attached


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Specification Sheet

Please review our Megaboard Subfloor specification sheet to learn how it delivers exceptional performance and compelling value for steel frame, wood frame and modular construction.

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Product Brochure

The Megaboard range of non-combustible structural building panels delivers exceptional performance alongside compelling value.

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