Megaboard is an exceptional building panel solution for the architects, designers and contractors working in the steel-framed construction sector.

The Megaboard range of non-combustible subfloor, underlayment and wall sheathing panels delivers leading performance and value for the CFS construction of low to mid-rise buildings across hospitality, multi-family residential, commercial, healthcare and more.




A lightweight, easy-to-handle, and simple-to-install panel for the fastest possible build times.



Lighter not only than deck and pour but also other panel solutions, for a significant impact on overall building weight.



Contributes to overall structural strength with superb performance across fastener pull, shear, deflection and shear diaphragm strength.



Manufactured to class-leading tolerances, with heat and water resistance meaning panels will not delaminate, warp, expand or bow.



Unique composition, developed over more than a decade and tested at labs – and on construction sites – throughout the US and Canada.



Making a significant contribution to project cost though reduced build times, lower weight and low panel prices.

Megaboard Subfloor

Used in place of a traditional metal deck and gypcrete pour, Megaboard non-combustible structural subfloor panels deliver dramatic reductions in construction time, weight and cost. Compared to other panel solutions, Megaboard is typically lighter, more dimensionally accurate, and offers exceptional value.

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Megaboard Sheathing

Megaboard Sheathing provides a revolutionary new approach for wall construction. This single-panel solution delivers a unique combination of shear strength, fire resistance, load bearing, and sound insulation.

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More about Megaboard

The Megaboard range of non-combustible structural building panels delivers exceptional performance alongside compelling value.

Megaboard is an inorganic cementitious panel reinforced with a unique six-layer fibreglass mesh for superb performance on the metrics which matter – strength, weight, durability, workability, dimensional stability, fire resistance, sound insulation, and more.

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Premium performance without the premium price

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