Welcome to Ectek Building Materials

29 March 2022
Ectek Megaboard Panel

Welcome to the new website of Ectek Building Materials.

Ectek is the home of Megaboard, the non-combustible structural building panel which is transforming the way North America builds.

We are dedicated to a single product line and a single objective – manufacturing and delivering the very best building panel on the market today.

For more than a decade we have been continually improving the composition of Megaboard and testing the results with labs throughout the USA and Canada.

The result is a range of panels which stand out in every application, with superb deliverables from reduced handling weight to better fire resistance; from class-leading fastener pull and shear tests to exceptional deflection and shear diaphragm strength.

Please look around our website for more information on Megaboard Subfloor and Megaboard Wall Sheathing, and for an insight into the ways it is transforming wood framed constructionsteel framed construction, and modular construction.

And please do get in touch to discuss your project and structural panel requirements.